Books for your looks

This is the dawning of the Age of Intelligence. Here are the ideas of the greatest Intelligence and you are helping the age to begin. Eventually everyone will have this kind of connection either here or in the worlds to come. Why not start now with a great book?

I chose to do the electronic form to save some trees and also to get the advantage of being able to search and research on topics. That makes it easier to find things but sometimes harder to read from a screen. They can be read on virtually any device and you can search on topics from the headings and inside text.

E-Book "One for All—Just Love"

Now you can download the "Just Love" book and enjoy learning from God and Goddess just as I did. After the first experiment with online publishing was a resounding bust, I decided to work harder on format and design and content. The book has some short headings in each new section so that you can get the inspiration you need in 2 minutes if you want

It also has the substance and wisdom of the messages along with my ongoing journal entries about what was going on with me and often what preceded the messages. Inspiration and ideas come as a result of what is going on with us and also what They want to share as well. The combination of real life and the help that comes as a result of the problems that I face will assist you and let you see yourself differently because of the reflections that show up.

Please download and study this book. It will change your life and your views of the Divine forever. Simply click on the link below and invest a nominal fee and it will be yours to read immediately.

Paperback "Jesus Live!"

A few times in one's life something brilliant comes along. Many times it is unexpected and often a pleasant surprise. This book, "Jesus Live!," is one of the brightest jewels of my life. I never even dreamed that I would be able to "talk" to Jesus. He was my idol and hero when I was growing up and remained the pinnacle of what a man can be to me for all of my life.

Then He shows up at the darkest moments of my life and comforts me and teaches me and helps me to see that my life was not over. He is more than my idol now, He is my friend and confidant and teacher.

In this amazing dialogue, Jesus talks about his life and passions and family. He talks about the remarkable upbringing He had and also about what it is like to die and come back in an immortal body. There is more in there but I want you to read it for yourself and feel Him in ways that have never before been revealed.

He says that we can be like Him and more. That is the challenge. Are you up for that?

This one will break some new ground in this world of ours for many years to come.