You begin your life in a certain way. You have the accumulation of many atoms and molecules from eons of stardust and you come together in a certain way. Your genes are a combination of centuries of development and you come together like no one else has ever come together.

No one has this combination of DNA and genes. No has ever had the parents that you do with the place in time that you do. Not one person has the family tree and the looks and propensities in quite the way that you do.

This situation brings together a unique situation and opportunity in the history of time. Since what you are is unique, what you can do is unique as well. Your upbringing, your thoughts, your experiences all come together to produce someone that no one else can ever reproduce or match.

Sure there are similarities and commonalities between us all. Sure, we perceive that another person with more money or more smarts will have an advantage over you. Sure, you feel like you are disadvantaged in this way or that. However, none of these illusions will ever change the fact that you are unique in what you are and what you can give to the world.

Excerpt "Picture yourself with the knowledge and power to create new creations in the universe. What will you create and why? What kinds of creations are important to you and why are they important?"..."Do you want to create events that shock and hurt or do you want to create events that sooth and calm? Do you want to create environments of stark reality or do you want to create events of fantasy and new thought?"

Excerpt "It is not that big of a stretch to tune your mind into the Intelligence and have ideas flow back and forth with your consciousness and thus begin a rather heavenly dialogue that will change your life and the world forever."..."I know that this may put many religions and many people’s jobs on the line because they earn a living teaching from the old books, but what if they got some new ideas and taught those as well? Maybe this would create some new jobs."

Excerpt "It is not God’s work and no one else is doing God’s work because you are doing what you choose and while it is related to God, it is what you perceive I want and what you want to do based on what you have been taught and feel is important."..."On one hand, if you do not go for all of it, then you will question yourself and your commitment to the “work of God.” The other point of view is that you are not doing this for God; you are doing it for you. I do not have anything that I need or want from any of you, so why put this back on me?"

Excerpt "You have very little information about me and yet you have volumes and volumes of writings about me and this is all based on conjecture and speculation based on your views as to what your God would be like and how I should behave if I was a good God."..."You say that I am perfect and I am flattered. You do not know what perfect is but it is easy to speculate about it."