Motivational Public Speaking

Paul Prows Ph3

Paul gives unique, customized, entertaining speeches and coaching. He teaches about creativity, inner and universal wisdom, self-development and adds a personal touch from his 20 years of experience as a life coach and author of several books and multimedia. From his technical, comedian and radio talk show host experiences, Paul will intrigue you with great ideas and help stimulate individuals and businesses to their highest potentials with warmth and love.

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Driven from research, life and intuition, Paul is known for his interesting, humorous examples of how you can find more satisfaction and energy in your present moments. Recognized for his engaging, sensitive way of sharing profound concepts, your company will learn how to add more compassion and understanding of others and yourselves.

From keynotes to breakouts, from corporations, nonprofits and associations, Paul will provide thought provoking ideas and useful concepts in a light and effective style. Clients like the way he goes beneath the traditional approaches and finds the underlying concerns of why people do not perform as they could and what they can do about it.

From years of coaching and writing, Paul presents ideas that are innovative and intriguing and brings clients back repeatedly to enjoy the fun delivery that is personal and customized to the needs of every audience. Participants will receive a deep understanding about their natures and a long term view of what they are capable of.