Calm within – from God

So often events or people get to us.  So often we get upset and lose our energy.  This was happening to me and this beautiful, consoling message came to me.  I am grateful to you for considering these ideas.
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Love always,

Despite a violent storm outside, you can still be calm on the inside.  Despite the actions of violence and anger of others, you can still be safe and secure in your knowledge of who you are and how you are loved and cared for. 

a storm in life

Even with all the unkindness and dishonesty in the world around you, you can maintain your integrity and compassion.  Nothing outside of you has to dictate what is going on inside you.  No act or reports of acts can discourage or depress you unless you allow the intrusion. 

Nothing a person says or does needs to keep you from enjoying your life and disrupting your gratitude for what you have.  No matter and no development will take you out of your assurance you are watched over and loved.  No theft or deception can interrupt your sense of confidence life is going your way and the Universe is on your side.

Be quietly confident about your future.  Live in a place of calm repose because of the support and love you feel from Us.  Remain unflappable in the face of great hostility.  The Universal Love is there within you and all around you at all times and will continue to be your guiding force and energy for every existence you choose in your future.

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