The time is now and the time is good – from G

Good morning!

After a very interesting and successful show, I was looking at what was next for me and this came to me.  Isn’t it inspiring to think about these concepts?
I love you!

Life can be anything you want.  It is your choice and there are very few limitations on what you can do, especially in the spiritual space.  You can dream and learn and act in ways you cannot see now but will see when you step into the possibilities.

Shooting high
Shooting high

Many times you limit yourself and what is possible and now you have the invitation to explode beyond any perceived limits you have.  The time is now and the time is good to rocket out to new adventures and places.

Now is a great time and now is the only time.

How to understand and participate in Miracles – from God


A friend of mine has been talking about miracles and so I was thinking about what they are and what it takes to participate with them.  What miracles have you had?  What do you think about this definition?  You can have all you want once you understand them.

He did a funny joke about this in the beginning after I tried some deprecating humor.

I love you!


I need a few miracles and I know just the right Dude to ask about getting them.  What can I have for free and with minimum efforts?  Lol

You can have it all for free and you are getting the results of minimum efforts.  🙂

Miracles come from advanced thinking and behaviors.  They are events outside of your current thinking and understanding that are quite common to those who know how the Universe works better.  You can participate in miracles at any time, just as Jesus did.

When you understand how the principles of Love work, you can find new outcomes you did not ever see coming.  You can observe things happening you did not know was possible and you have never seen before, once you find the kinds of ideas and behaviors mimicking the events going on around you.

sun light
magnificent nature shining

For example, how does nature know what to do and how does it sustain itself without any interactions or input from mankind?  How do these systems continue to thrive and grow despite your most diligent efforts to fill them up with your trash and refuse?  How does your body excel even though you fill it with too much garbage and expose it to so much pollution and unhealthy practices?

Think about how it is you can think and also how you can communicate with Us.  You do not know where we are, who we are or even what we look like and yet you continue to communicate with Us for many years and have developed an amazing love and respect for all we share with you.  How does this happen?

Once you realize a miracle is a manifestation of a regular practice in worlds you do not understand, you will be motivated to go into these new understandings and worlds.  Therein is the carrot for you…to expand your learning and reduce your fears you cannot do something amazing.

Every day, you make a new you


Life can be so frustrating at times and people don’t seem to respond the way I want them to.  There are so many options and what do each of them produce?  As I was thinking about all this, the Man came through with something even more perplexing and deep.
I love you,

Every day you make a new you.  Each moment you decide what you want to think about and what you want to do.  Each of these decisions makes you what you are and how you appear to others.  Every word, every motion, every thought and expression is a building block creating who you are.

People respond to what you say.  People make assessments about you by what you text and how you treat them.  What you talk about is key to creating your identity but what you do is even bigger.  Even when you are quiet and listen, you are establishing who you and how you react to what is going on around you. 

When you write something and share it, your identity changes.  When you speak something and do something with something someone else says, you are becoming something to them.  Each smile, each frown, each complaint shapes who you are with those you are with. 

You can appear competent and helpful or you can resist and find fault.  You have ideas to share and you can let others express themselves ahead of you.  What does that say about you and how do you show up when you do what you choose?

The opportunity is to re-create yourself each day.  What do you put your energy into and how do you move and shake?  What is important to you and how do you invest your time?  Do you spend time doing things not important to you?  If you do what you want to do, how does that show up with others? 

Ultimately, this is your gig and trying to please others and get them to like you is rather frustrating.  If you do have someone who likes you, don’t you start taking it for granted anyway?  What do you do to keep a relationship going and what do you do to push people away if it gets to stuffy or difficult to manage? 

Deciding what actions you will take and what results you want can be difficult.  You can also get lost in the path of only looking outside of yourself for acceptance.  What do you really want at the soul level?  If all you want are superficial things, will you ever get them?  What do you really want and will you be satisfied if you get them?

Life shows you to yourself.  Life also challenges you to find the deeper, more fundamental desires and then tempts you to look elsewhere for what you think you want.  Can you stay focused on the areas you really want?  Do you even know what you really want?

cropped-sunset.jpgSee what you can see.

Compassion for Others – from God


As I was thinking about why I can’t get rid of a persistent shoulder problem, this came to me.  It brings up some very interesting questions about the purposes of pain and how we see others and what is going on with them.
I love you!
Water taking off the sharp edges
Water taking off the sharp edges

You can live in your experiences and see what they have to teach you.  You can find new insights and compassion for others when you have problems yourself and this is the greatest gift you can have…compassion.

Compassion for others shows up when you begin with compassion for what you do.  Compassion has the element of it that will help you to understand others and also see yourself differently.  Compassion is that quality that Jesus showed so clearly and that is the quality that people most appreciate him for.

When you show compassion for others and their issues, you show that you can feel their hurts and sense their pains.  When you feel pain yourself, you learn how it can shape and mold your perceptions and feel what others go through.  When you have persistent, long term pain, you know what it means to suffer within your own world and to further appreciate your own body and the ills that show up for those around you.

Judging others for their health issues is very common amongst you.  You look down at people with sickness and pain because you sense that it is some kind of fault in them or a problem with how they think or behave.  How do you like that coming back to you?  Are you bringing this on yourself and thus, you are not worthy of others compassion or understanding?  Are you above feeling pain because you are somehow above others that have similar maladies?

Now you are amongst those that have not figured it all out and have a very painful problem that is generated by your actions and your thinking.  What are you going to do now?  Are you less likely to look at others with that suspicious eye and judge them for their lack of activity or focus?  What does pain look like from the experiencer side?

You can see how the idea of pain galvanizes you and focuses you to thinking about solutions and working on relief.  If you do not create the relief, you are then relegated to self-doubt, lack of self-worth and more pain.  What is it about your body that it wants to tell you?  How do you listen to what is happening and create resolve or healing that lasts?

There are some very real questions to look at in your life.  What kind of compassion and understanding are you developing for others and what they go through?  Why are you experiencing these feelings now and what are you figuring out about how you are processing your life and feelings?  It is like a puzzle.  What will you discover about the missing pieces?

Conflicts with your views and the views your parents espouse


I love my Dad and Mom.  We have a great time together.  When they were here, I brought up the rather touchy subject about how to share the ideas I get from the Divine.  It brought up some very real and poignant discussions between my father and I.  Have you had heated discussions with your parents?  If so, I would like to hear about them.

Here is my summarized journal entry and the rather provocative response I got from God.

I love you!


DSC00367I just had a rather heated discussion with my dad.  I introduced some of the ideas I have about sharing these ideas I get and he went almost immediately to telling me the “scriptures” he believes in are a better source for “truth” and if my viewpoints vary from his interpretation of the “quotes,” then I am wrong.  So are the other people who do not embrace these ideas because they won’t get the blessings they would get, if they ascribe to these rules.

He also had a concern that those on the other side have agendas.  They may be evil and want to lead us astray or they may want someone to do temple work for those on the other side and only certain people are able or willing to listen to receive these kinds of communications.  In other words, only special people with a certain level of righteousness can get help or need to do errands based on the interests of those who have something to get done or say.

It’s great to hear other’s points of view and what they feel they need to defend and why they defend them.  It is disconcerting to a person brought up all their life in a certain theology to have to consider other points of view.  They like the structure and the rules they live by and it is threatening to have either other rules or to have no rules and have it be up to them to live ethically.

The ideas They are sharing with me are beginning to take hold in me.  I can see why a bigger, more universal approach is better.  It promotes more love and intelligence.  It promotes tolerance and understanding and the idea…all people’s points of view and perspectives are valid to them.  What results from these perspectives is what is important to observe, to figure out what works best.

The discussion about You and who You are and who has the best interpretation and the true interpretation of You causes a lot of problems and arguments.  Why are You such a troublemaker and so elusive with what and how You are?

You can say this and you can say that about who and what God is.  You can speculate about what I am doing and what your relationship with Me is.

You can find new ways of finding out more about Me as well.  There are many options available to you.  Which ones are you exploring?

It is one thing to take what you learned from others and what you say I said or did from books, but it is much better to find out for yourself.  What others say is what they say and it is only relevant to where they were in their lives and knowledge at the time.  These ideas others give you are useful for perspective but they are only one person sharing.

What can you find out if you combine all the different ideas and come up the best of what has been accumulated?  What if you looked at what has been written and then communicate with Me directly to see what you see is different when you ask me one to one?  What are you experiencing in your life where your experience differs from what others are experiencing?

If you look at your experiences objectively, and look at what others see, then come to Me and discuss what you come up with, what do you think you will discover?  If you are open when you come here, you will find out that many aspects of what you have been taught are inaccurate and slanted.  What will you do to the people who taught you then?

Will you be angry and resentful to them?  Will you banter and try to change their points of view?  Once you have seen this new light, will you be just as intolerant of them as they have been to your experiences?  If you think you have the best or only views of God because you do your homework, what do you say to those who don’t like your grades?

Clearly, finding out about God or any of the other intelligences or entities will be more accurate if you do it directly.  Will you get past your fears and do this or continue to rely on others for your ideas?  Will you open up and listen once you get past your fears or will you hold onto and defend the teachings you were given?

Once you open up your mind and views to new perspectives, will you then act on these ideas or keep them to yourselves and hide away from the criticism and name calling you will inevitably run into?  Will you change your views and your actions and shift quickly with each new insight?

What will you do when the ideas you get are so different, so counter to all you have been taught, it pushes you to the limits of your commitment to grow and learn?  What if all you have been given is rudimentary and flawed?  What kind of will do you have to continue on the path of advancement and growth, regardless of how radical and divisive the ideas are?

New Possibilities

Every time you find new ways to learn, you develop yourself further. The opportunity is there for you to learn more in each moment and therefore you have an opportunity in a clean and interesting way. The choice is yours to develop yourself in ways that can expand your possibilities and develop yourself in ways that will increase your possibilities in life.

The opportunity for you is to develop in ways that will make your existence the most positive and helpful for you and for those around you. It is wonderful for you to be able to express and to share ideas that we give to you. We give them to you and give them to others with the idea that you will be able to look at things a different way in life…in such a way that it will help you to work through the issues that show up.

You share with others so many times you have different possibilities show up. This moment is here for you to enjoy, to stay in, and it is here for you to invest your own thoughts about what you can do and what can be done in the world. So much of life revolves around the possibilities and therefore it is important for you to capture the moment and the possibility that is available to you in this moment.  You can do it.  -received from God and is the first voice to text dictation I have done so far.

More Insights into God

Here is what He told me about his activities and views
(Paul asking) It’s father’s day. I would like to know your thoughts about this human holiday and about you being my father in many aspects, please.
(God’s response) “There are days when you recognize just what you have. When you decided that you wanted to communicate with me, you took a big step towards seeing what it was really like to have a relationship with a Heavenly Father. You have the relationship at some level anyway but this is an adventure that far exceeds what most people pursue.
All while you were writing to me, you were harboring resentment and feelings of anger towards me because of what you were taught and what you accepted as what I am. Now after many years of listening to me and letting go of your previous notions about me, you are asking me about me and my thoughts. It is a long time coming but it is welcome and a good step forward for you.

I am vaster and more complex than you can comprehend. There are parts of me that are approachable by you but other aspects that are so complex and involved in so many things that you cannot comprehend them. Over time and with some focused attention, you will be able to see more about what is involved in being the supreme organizer and intelligence in the universe.
For now, you can simply enjoy what it means to be open to a respectful and loving relationship with the part of me that is available to any of you. This part of me has amazing capacities of interacting with billions of other intelligences and can love and care and design for each one of them simultaneously. Try that one some time.

The amazing part to you is that I can do all this and maintain my energy fully and be there all the time, any time for each one of you. The other parts of me can be simultaneously dealing with the other dimensions of matter and space and other designs. This is a stretch for your mostly linear mind, but it will become more understandable as you see what else I can do.
It is marvelous being a God and being able to handle all these areas of life and all the functions that must be attended to at any one time. Most people do not have even a glimpse of what I am about and yet they say that they know me and that they can sell me and their ideas about me. It is a curious phenomenon. The only thing you can say about me is that you have a view of what I am and that it is based on someone’s view of me that told you and that you hold so tightly to those views with such veracity that the likelihood of you ever finding the real God is very slim.

The other thing that you can say is that you have given me great characteristics and magical powers to help you to deal with your experiences and feelings and then you say that I can fix most things and if I don’t, you will adjust your view of me so that you are not criticizing my handling of events that trouble or upset you. You ask why God would allow these things to happen because you do not want to suffer my wrath for saying outright that I made so many horrendous events happen.
However, you are quick to point out in your laws and insurance that certain acts that you did not want to attribute to me are “acts of God.” There is a tricky tightrope that you walk where you do not want to anger me but you really do believe that I am back on my throne creating all these earthquakes and floods and I am doing it because you are not acting the way I want you to and there are lessons to be learned from all the suffering dished out by me.

It is no wonder that you have all these feelings of resentment and question my motives and my desire to help you when all there is mostly is suffering and pain in your world. You are clearly conflicted as to what my role is and how tenderly you need to treat me so that these awful things do not happen to you. You live a life of relative ease and are just waiting for something “evil” to happen to pay you back for all those times that you cursed God or did not do what you thought I was requiring of you.
There are a lot of questions here and I want to answer some of them and some of them I want you to answer. Ask more when you are open and we will discuss them in more depth.”

Judgments about feelings

It is hard for you to admit because you have judgments on how you feel. You feel this way and that way but you are not comfortable with these feelings. The only way that this can be is that you are in judgment on what you are and your emotions. When you rid yourself of those emotions and your feelings that you are not worthy of your desires or that you cannot ask others for what you want, then you will be able to be freer in your life.
If you do not feel like your desires are worthy of expression, how do you think you will do when it comes to creating things, especially worlds? When you establish that you are worthy and capable of making decisions and that the decisions are just as valid or interesting as the next person, then you start to show up differently in the world.
If you feel like you need to subjugate all that you want for the expressions and interests of others, then you will remain stifled and subject to all kinds of mental issues. It becomes a dilemma for you when you give to others but then you are not taking care of your own needs. The problem is why you assess others needs and wants to be ahead of your own? They are not even equal with yours, they are above yours and have to be met before yours. Why are yours so much less?
If your desires are less interesting or worthy of attention, who is it that establishes this? If it is you, then why are you assessing desires this way? If you are to give your own desires even an equal chance of importance, what will happen then? Will you be selfish and greedy? What if your choices include helping others? Is that still selfish and greedy because you want what you want and it is about you?
If what you want is to share what we give to you then is that all just self gratification and enjoying yourself needlessly? What if you want money or notoriety? Is that so reprehensible that you cannot live with yourself? Is even serving others a form of self gratification for you? Looking at all this and seeing what you think is important for you because it is holding you back and you did not even know what it was fully…until now.
It is ok to want things for yourself. It is ok to want to give and to enjoy giving. It is ok to even want to get returns for your giving and sharing and to enjoy those returns be they emotional, mental or even financial. When you get over your feelings of not being worthy or of having feelings that cannot be met because they benefit you then you can really move ahead.
You already know that if your desires are not in sync with the flows of the Universe that you will likely get redirected. How will you ever know what is not in flow if you do not try? What about surprising yourself with some new attempts and seeing what could happen if you push your edges? What if all the things you want are all acceptable and waiting for you? How would that be to have opinions that are too small or narcissistic and have the thoughts you created be your barriers? That would be quite the ironic twist if you were holding yourself back needlessly and you thought it was us.
There is a place for you to try new things and see how they go. There are no failures, just attempts that do not work as you thought they would. Keep working your techniques and ideas until you figure out what matches what is good for others and good for you. Then when you have those ideas that are good for the All, implement them over and over and then push some more. This existence is about seeing what works and you will never see what works until you try and try and try.

The Process

Search into your mind and see what you come up with.  Your mind is a combination of your experiences and also the input from the Universal Intelligence.  Your mind does not work without the connection.  Your mind is an element of the Intelligence and it is a smaller piece of the bigger Intelligence that flows through all of nature and all of the Universe.


Search is a very important part of what you do.  When you realize that you have access to all of the ideas and concepts that have ever been, it makes your quest for information and knowledge much more exciting and interesting.  You have many options as to how you search and when you search and thus it makes for a very interesting and helpful process in your life.

Can you understand all that comes to you?  Do you know what kinds of information is flowing to your body right now, and what form it is?  How is all the information about how to make your cells alive and working together getting to you?  What part do you have in all this?  Are you blocking some information with your mind that would benefit your body?

What part do your thoughts and the way you process life have in your health and also in your disease?  How can you live in such a way that you are getting all the best information and your bodily processes are supported in the optimum ways?  If you could discover the flows of information and what they are doing, would you interrupt some of them?  How would you modify what is getting to you and why?

While it appears to be difficult for you to come here and search and ask, you already know intimately that it is the most helpful and healthy process in your life.  Not only are you opening up your mind to the concepts of the Divine, but you are also training your mind to be open to the very best of the ideas and the healthiest of all the concepts.

This process is the process by which you get more information and better information, and in the steps that you make there are other benefits as well, so that you can find new sources and new ways of thinking that will improve not only your life, but those around you will benefit as well because of their association with you.  This gives you a strong motivation to continue to improve and develop because you love to assist and help others and you can do this in very subtle, but powerful ways, just by linking up with others and letting them feel what is going on.

Search often and search deeply.  This is the way of gaining more knowledge and this path is the way that you will continue to do so even if you do not have a body at the time.  You may think you have a body and it hinders your searching because you have this perception that you are limited, because you are mortal.  On the contrary, the steps to knowledge are the same regardless of the realm you are in or the shape that you choose.

This is why searching and learning how to learn is the most important task you can engage in because it benefits you and those around you for all time.