What are you missing in this moment?

Good morning!

Life is moving on.  The challenge is to see what life is showing us and finding out what we don’t see because of our mental state or because we are not looking for the good stuff.  It is all there.  Why aren’t we seeing it?  In this amazing message, Jesus puts out the challenge.
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I love you,

When you open up your mind and open up your heart to ideas and new possibilities, magic can happen.  You have new opportunities show up for you, opportunities normally passing you by, and you remain oblivious to them.  What is coming to you?  What are you missing because your mind or your heart is not open?

These are interesting questions for anyone who wants to enjoy it all.  These questions are important for someone who wants to live fully and embrace all of life.  These are important questions if you want to advance in your life and advance as fast as possible for you.


The more astute and aware you are, the more you learn.  The more you can pick up in this moment, the better the moment is and the higher your satisfaction will be.  What are you doing or thinking to block or dismiss the greatest ideas and concepts available to you now? 

Tune in and listen.  Watch and observe.  See others and what they are doing.  Look at your habits and actions distracting you from the information coming to you.  Find the sequences and patterns of living and playing to assist you in finding out the most, and living at the highest levels of consciousness.

The information and ideas are all there, all at one time, right now.  What can you do with all this?  How much of it can you absorb and process?  When you do take it all in, how will you live and what will you do with what comes? 

The greatest challenge of life is not about things or accumulations, it is how you deal with and absorb what is available in each moment.  Only the best can understand and digest the best.  Where are you on your ability to accept and integrate these ideas?

Why did they have to steal from me and try to burn my house down?

Ok, I have been pushing this away for days.  Here we go.  I want to know what this all means.  Why did they choose me and why did they burn everything up?  What is the energy of stealing?

First it is important to establish that this is not about you.  This is not something you did or said that brings this to you.  There are factors and variables that you bring to you, but the actions of others are about them.  They do affect you, however and in this case, they affected you in a major way.  It is so important that you find new ways of being so that you can be independent of the actions of others so that you can find new paths and directions that are unique and purely you.

The energy does not go away.  The energy simply moves to a different zone.  Your society makes such a big deal about loss and yet you have a law that energy is never lost or destroyed.  What happens to you if the energy or your goods or your body goes to another place?  What happens if you die?  What happens if you transfer your soul to another part of the universe?  What changes?

When the energy shifts to those who feel like they want to move things, then it shifts.  What are you going to do about it?  What will happen if you try to bring it back?  Do you really want the energy that they are producing?  What about creating new energies for yourself and those around you because of what they did that simulates the opposite of what you abhor?  There are many options available to you and one of them is to re-create yourself in energy that you love.

Love energy loves you.  Love energy is nurturing and kind and forgiving.  Love energy lets go and embraces at the same time.  Love energy is the way to flow back to the zones that you know you can thrive and create in.  When you are focused on what you think you lost, what happens to your creativity?  When you are lost in loss, how do you find your way into bliss and abundance?

When you focus on what you lost, then you miss what is already there.  What is there is fullness and wholeness because energy is never lost or destroyed.  It is changed into different forms and different locales, but it is never lost.  As you have already seen, the energy comes back to you in some new form and then you can splash in it and celebrate it all you want.

The elements are all there for you to enjoy and participate in.  Participate and live fully.  There are no limits and nothing to hold back for.  The past is gone and all there is, is now.