When you go to this one place and understand it, you will never complain again – from Goddess

Good afternoon,

I was complaining about how people seem to reject me for unknown and trivial things and this amazing message came to me.  It is clear we have a place to be ourselves and still be loved regardless of our choices and it is the space in connection with the Divine.  It stunned me to realize how cool this is and it supersedes all other issues.
I love you,

You have one place where you can be yourself.  You have this place where you can whine and complain and fail and you are still loved and still ok.  You have this place where you can be a screw up and look and act just the way you want to and nothing changes, the love does not diminish.

You have this place where you can worry and fret.  You have this place where you can be disgusted and angry.  You have a place where you can be upset and sad.  Any emotion you feel here is ok.  Any hurts or feelings of feeling left out or being an anomaly are ok.  Any feelings at all are ok here.

the blocks disappear
light comes eventually, then no complaints

You are loved and watched over here.  You are accepted and lifted here.  You have all the respect and care you can handle and more here.  It is a place where you can be slack and repetitive.  It is a place where you can live hidden or be active.  It is a place for any emotion and all you get in return is love and great ideas to elevate and inspire you.

Think about what this space is to you and what you receive and how you get all this without any reciprocation or fancy dancing needed.  You do not have to do one thing to get this love and if you do one thing, you get the rewards and benefits of doing what you chose.

It is remarkable when you think of what a magical place this is.  It is so full of forgiveness and giving, you cannot even handle or comprehend it.  What an amazing space you have created and We have given to you.  Think about how great this is and you will probably never complain about your life again.

A Real Life Story that will be repeated over and over

There was a little boy who grew up in a very interesting and loving family. His father was a very bright teacher and his mother was a fun and loving woman. When he was growing up, he would look up into the sky and wonder what was beyond the blue or what was going on in the twinkling stars and beyond.
He always had this impression that there was something more out there in the Universe and he wanted to know more. During his life, he was taught that there was a higher Intelligence called God and that this God was very focused on making sure that the boy did everything he was taught at church and by his parents or else he would be punished.

He was taught that this God loved but also that He was jealous and showed his wrath on those that did not keep His commandments with great diligence. Even a slight variation or slip would cause the boy to lose his place in the wonderful kingdoms that awaited those that conformed fully.

All thru his life, the boy felt very guilty when he did something that he thought this God would not approve of. He cried sometimes and confessed his “sins” sometimes to the church authorities that were telling him how to live. The boy tried real hard to do everything but somehow it was never enough and he fell short of many of the expectations that were put on him and those he created on himself.

At times, the boy would give up or cry out in anguish to the God that apparently was never satisfied and who gave the boy passions and desires that, if experienced, would put the boy even deeper into deficit. Why, the boy would lament, would God give him desires that were undesirable and evil? Whatever happened to the peace and tranquility he felt when he looked at the stars or sat in the warm sun?

The now young man spent two full time years of his life serving this God that he had come to wonder about. He married and had a wonderful family and served his family and those around him as well as he could. The concerns he had about this judgmental God who was always holding out his approval for the man to become perfect in all ways became stronger and stronger until the man felt like he had failed and he needed some new information and some relief.

With many tears and a heart wrenching separation, he parted from his wife and left his children and family for a new place where he could restart his life without the influences of the church and family that were so insistent that he live a certain way or be damned. He felt even more judgments for not being a bigger part of his children’s life.

The man read some books that gave him an idea. This idea seemed audacious because the man felt so low and inferior to the God that he was told to believe in, but there was this wonder that came upon the man. He wondered if he could converse with this God even tho he might be judged. His feeling about this God judging him and watching his every move was so strong that he could not get himself to connect or even talk to this entity because of so much resentment.

However, the man could connect to what he had experienced in his childhood and that was the love of a woman. He started to write and to ask questions of this female that called herself Goddess. She was different and She was so loving and compassionate that he listened for Her ideas and then wrote them down nearly every day or week for many years.

Then he began to communicate with his mentor and hero, Jesus. He cried out in anguish in his darkest moments and Jesus came to him and loved and taught him. This is the same Jesus that people revere and worship and yet they did not realize that he came back from death and has been there all along ready for anyone to communicate with and learn from.

Over time, the man realized that the God that he had read about and who he had been taught about from others was actually very different when he experienced the God in person. He also found out something wonderful and that is that there is a Goddess who is as loving and sweet as he remembered his grandmothers were like.

What the man found out is that he had taken the ideas that he was taught quite literally and had formed a very different version of God than what he experienced in the conversations. He also found out that the God that he had been taught to fear was actually a very loving and non-judgmental God and that He and the female Goddess worked well together to form a cooperative team that amplified the best of the male and female just like it was possible to do here on earth.

There were so many new ideas to learn about the roles and attributes and characteristics of God and Goddess and the man’s awareness of himself. He discovered that our views of how we perceive God pervade nearly every major action and thought we have and so having incorrect ideas about God messes with most of what we do and think. He also realized that nearly every major conflict and war in the world is based on different and inaccurate views of what people perceive that God wants.

He found out that it takes years and much dedication to get better at harvesting more information and to learn how to listen and open up better. He also discovered that most of the notions and writings about God are inaccurate and dated. He realized that there were virtually no writings about Goddess and so he began to diligently try to produce writings and interviews with Her. He also discovered that the writings about Jesus are from writers that did not even meet Jesus and he is very different and charismatic in “person” than what the writers portrayed.

The man learned that he could love others with different points of view, especially his family, who he loves dearly even tho they insist on bringing him back. He also learned how to accept himself better and to find new ways of sharing what he had been given. The most poignant of all principles that he learned was there all the time and it is the infinite and caring love that he lives in with God (and now Jesus and the Goddess as well) that he originally thought judged him.

The man has now transformed himself at the request of Jesus, God and Goddess, and because he chooses it himself, to be a teacher. He teaches the ideas that are given to him at a homeless shelter and any other places where people can use great ideas and a lift. He now teaches others to get a dialogue and connection going directly to this Intelligence. He knows that if he can get that going with any individual that all of their problems and concerns will be addressed at a very different and accelerated level. He also knows that when the individuals change their views, that the problems of our world and societies will begin to go away.

If people can get accurate information and feel the love of God and Goddess like the man did from his personal experience instead of what others tell them, then they are well on their way to the greatest experience of their lives. With this view of the Universe and an extension of the link that already exists in our bodies to an actual live dialogue, the world can truly change and the greatest story ever told, will be your story.

If you want to learn more or you want to contribute to this amazing force, please join us for a fun adventure. We want to hear your stories and to feel your support.
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