Being genuine and authentic – from Goddess

Good evening,

I have been struggling with losing myself in the expectations and disappointments of those around me.  It is something I have done all my life.  It is a choice I make and I am shifting.  Isn’t this great advice?
I love you,

The choices you have are endless.  You can choose to come here or not.  You can choose to ignore the ideas or not.  You can be with Us or be somewhere else.  It is all there for you to discover and enjoy.

Guilt is not productive for you because it keeps you in the past and worrying about what others think.  When you live for others and only focus on what they have for you, you are lost in the concerns around you.  Even when you worry about what We think about you or what you are not doing for Us, you are lost in the ideas of worry about issues outside of yourself. 

Easier to be genuine
Easier to be genuine

You cannot be healthy and focus on what others want from you.  What they teach you and what you can learn from others is substantial and important for your growth, but obsessing on what you are “not” or what you are not doing based on others’ assessments, will keep you wandering around and confused.

You become powerful when you find the area of passion you have and what you want to be and then pursue those directions.  You find new ways of being because you concentrate on becoming the person you like to be and use the ideas of others to help you excel beyond what you are doing by yourself.

You find your purpose and meaning by going after the areas of life you enjoy and are fulfilled by.  Then when you give up your body to the earth, you will have lived as you wanted to and in ways that are genuine and authentic.

Go away from the externals and back to the internal impulses.  They are always more true and able to inspire and lift you.

The Greatest Message ever

You do have the greatest message that has ever been devised. The message is this; each of you has a God/Goddess within you. That divine nature is there to explore and expand upon. You expand on your divinity by finding the Love thru conversations you have with us and living the ideas that we share with you.
You live fully by knowing of your greatness and by sharing of your Self with those around you. You prepare for a time without a body by enjoying and enhancing your body and experiencing all that you can now so that when it is time to come to us, you will have enjoyed each moment fully. You immerse yourself in amazing living because you know of our love and your bright future.
All that is there is there for you to enjoy and relish including the pain and what you call negativity. In fact, most of what you call negative and most of what you get emotional and upset about is there to let you see the light. The contrasts of what you have before you are what teach you and inspire you to higher understanding of the profound nature of what you are and what is possible. Goddess.